Learn Ruby – How to start?

The first question in your mind should be Why Ruby?

=> Ruby is Programming language which is Flexible than most of the other Programming Languages. Ruby has many exciting features like,

1. Rails Framework

Rails is the Biggest reason why one should start learning Ruby. Rails is one of the Hottest Framework that has been developed for the Web solutions.

It is Open Source Framework that is based on Ruby as a programming language. Rails follows MVC(Model-View-Controller) architecture and fully

dependent on Ruby.

2. Write Less, Do More

Ruby gives ‘N’ number of readily available library methods to programmers that can be used for doing their work at ease.

   Write Less - One will have to write only few lines of code that will do all your Work.

   Do More      - Few lines will do wonders for you.

3. More Than One Way!

Ruby has more than one way of doing the same task. It means that you don’t have to remember a particular method for doing the same. Thus, for a programmer, it is very easy to do a particular task. But wait! There is a bit risk too. Suppose if you are developing a Commercial Application, then you might have to consider the best(Optimized) way of doing a particular task as it would impact your Business.

4. Object Oriented

Ruby is Object oriented programming language which includes all features like Abstraction, Inheritance, Overriding, Reusability etc.

5. Easy to Learn:

Ruby is very easy to learn. If you have experience of coding in any other language like C, C++ or Java then you will start coding in Ruby in no time.

How to Learn Ruby?

=> Once you are clear with How to install Ruby, you can start coding as you finish with it.


Akshay Mohite

Hi there! I am a Ruby on Rails & ReactJS Enthusiast, building some cool products at DTree Labs.

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