SVN command to check modified files

While using SVN command line, you may need to see status codes of modified/changes files. In this tutorial we will learn SVN command to check modified files.

SVN is version control system by Apache Foundation.

As you have made changes in the local working copy, it may differ from repository copy of your codebase in many aspects. You can check Basic SVN commands article for understanding basic commands.

The status code of a particular file can be any of following,

Status Description
A The file is being scheduled for addition in SVN repository
D The file is being scheduled for deletion in SVN repository
M The file is modified than file present in the SVN repository
C The file is in conflicted state
?  The file is not under SVN repository
! The file is missing. Moved or deleted unknown to SVN (without the use of SVN)

Above are the basic status codes that you will come across while checking the status of modified files.

Actual SVN command to check modified files

svn status or svn st

This command will output something like,

M Gemfile

M log/development.log

A app/models/rubyinrails.rb

D app/controller/ruby_in_rails_controller.rb

So, above output suggests that,

File Status Interpretation
Gemfile M File has been modified.
log/development.log  M File has been modified.
app/models/rubyinrails.rb A File has been added.
app/controller/ruby_in_rails_controller.rb  D File has been deleted

And so on. This way, you can interpret various status messages when you enter svn command to check modified files. And all these commands have to be invoked in your local working copy of repository hosted with Subversion.


In this tutorial, we learned SVN command to check modified file using command line. We also seen status codes that are show when we invoke svn status command.



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