Concatenate Strings – How to?

There are many ways of concatenating Strings in Ruby. Before proceeding let us see how to create a simple string in Ruby.

You can create a  String in Ruby as follows,

> s1 = "ruby in rails is awesome."

Let us create one more string.

> s2 = "And This post is really very informative"

Now, you can concatenate these two strings by,

> s3 = s1 + s2

This will concatenate String s1 and String s2 and give the result as,

s3 will be =>

"ruby in rails is awesome.And This post is really very informative"

I you are thinking of concatenating string with variables in between, like

> year = 2013
> s = "This is 2013"

Then, String s can be generated using variable a as,

> s = "This is #{year}"

The method used in above statement is called as “String Interpolation” in Ruby.

You can use simple insertion («) operator of Ruby for appending String as follows,

> a1 = "Hello "
> a1 << "Guest !"

Then, result of execution of above statement will be, a1 => ”Hello Guest !”

This is done using insertion operator, you can find more about insertion and push in array here. Refer this if you are new to Ruby.

You can explore more regarding various methods that can be called on Strings in Ruby by,

> "my_string".methods.sort

This will list all the methods. Play around with methods until you get comfortable with it.


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