Speed up rails development environment mode

While Running Ruby on Rails projects in development mode, many of you might have came across slow development process. Now, there is one easy way to speed up Rails Development Environment mode.

You have to follow these steps to make development faster,

Speed up rails development environment

Step 1

Install gem named ‘active_reload’ on your machine.

Step 2

Command to install ‘active_reload’ gem on your machine,

gem install active_reload

Step 3

After installing this gem, add the gem in your Rails Project.

Step 4

To add the gem in your project file, open gemfile and add,

gem 'active_reload'

Step 5

Run your project in development mode

This will make the development faster than what you have tried before.

Basically this tool reloads the content of your web only if it detects change in the code than previous load. If you want to know more about the gem ‘active_reload’ then you can get it here. So, in this tutorial we learned how to speed up rails development environment using active_realod.


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